Mobile Media Productions – Our Story


Mobile Media Productions has grown from our sister business, Celebrations Event Videos.


CEV has also evolved from simply video recording plays and shows for local clubs and schools to a business producing high quality memories for many happy couples on their wedding day and numerous other events like those school plays, arts shows and boxing tournaments amongst others.

In 2006 we identified a changing trend towards shows, sports, conferences etc using multiple cameras to create that TV look experience, at first at the venue and quickly moving to the new technology of internet streaming.

We embraced this new technology, initially in low level standard definition, moving to the set-ups we have today, capable of 4K production. We have placed ourselves as one of the premier online broadcast streaming services on the island of Ireland, covering almost every sport (and willing to learn about others we’re not currently experienced in, few as they are) and capable of production facilities for all types of events from small shows, conferences, trade shows, product launches etc. Basically if you need a camera (or many cameras) pointed at it, we have a professional solution at budgets to suit almost every expectation.

In 2016 we added our new domain updated during the 2020 pandemic where we can now host your event, function, wedding etc. on our own private secure platform. Read more about what we can do by clicking Services


If you have an idea or need for a quote, call or email us. It’s absolutely free to have a chat and we promise no hard sales talk. We can do this online (there’s a surprise) or meet in person for a coffee. We’ll even pay for that. So give us some of your time and we’ll make it worthwhile for us both