MOBILE MEDIA PRODUCTIONS is a professional video business established in 1991 originally serving local clubs wishing to record plays and shows and of course many couples on their wedding day. Servicing the whole island of Ireland and beyond when required. Our professional and creative work reflects a long history behind the camera and computer based editing.


At MOBILE MEDIA PRODUCTIONS, we use state-of-the-art technology and equipment to deliver the best images we can make appear on screen. We provide a wide variety of services, which include sports event coverage, online event video streaming, product videos, conference and gala dinner services, award ceremonies, corporate videos and wedding videos. Our friendly support staff provides the ideal team for displaying cameras on screens at your event, LIVE STREAMING or simply recording it, whether you require one single camera or multiple cameras, we have a solution you can afford and rely on


As Covid 19 became an every day part of business, it became important that our service evolved with the pandemic that existed.  Extreme care was the order of the day and we understood that you may not have been allowed the previous audiences. Today it’s not just as much of an inconvenience that it was during the period of restrictions, but peoples habits have changed forever. Online streaming has a place in our and your futures. If that’s a paid audience or free private audience, we can offer you the solution you need to bring your paid or unpaid platform from offline to online.  Privately or otherwise, our bespoke system allows you endless opportunities.

Talk to us today about your idea and we can discuss how we can make it come to life.